Mtech is a technical partner of ICAR

ICAR, the International Committee for Animal Recording, has chosen Mtech to modernise their statistics and membership information service. Mtech will develop the platform linked to the ICAR web pages.

Being a key world organisation that coordinates animal recording ICAR provides accurate statistics on global milk production. There is an enormous amount of information behind ICAR statistics collected globally from milk recording organisations, ICAR members from around 60 countries.

A new modern tool would improve the user experience for those who use the data from ICAR in their work – authorities, scientists, food chain businesses, farming cooperatives, etc.

Apart from visualisation of the figures, Mtech will implement an access system to member services, which will facilitate communication for the ICAR members, both current and future.

 “We have had a lot of positive feedback from our members and iDDEN project about their experiences with Mtech,” Martin Burke, Chief Executive Officer at ICAR, says. This is the reason why ICAR chose Mtech to implement the service. Also, one of the industry top experts Juho Kyntäjä, senior specialist at Mtech, has been a member of ICAR working groups for many years. Juho’s knowledge is highly appreciated and valued in ICAR.

“ICAR is an important organisation for the globe. It is a huge honour for us to help with this tool, I know that it is awaited by the industry experts. Mtech is one of the oldest organisations in the world working with comprehensive dairy digital ecosystems, and apart from our very high IT standards, we also have a deep expertise in the dairy and beef sector. That is why we comprehend the needs of ICAR and its members. The customer does not have to spend much time on explaining – we just understand the essence,” Juho Kyntäjä explains.

“Very professional and very flexible,” Mr. Burke describes the cooperation with Mtech. He also underlines that Mtech specialists understand the core of the ICAR business, indeed.

In ICAR, they see potential for the further cooperation. According to Mr. Burke, working with Mtech is “a good opportunity to bring things into the 21st century”.

ICAR and Mtech signed the agreement last December. The platform launch is planned for April, before the ICAR 2021 Annual Conference.

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