Mtech Supply Chain Integrator

Mtech Supply Chain Integrator is an innovative integration system built on the platform. It has been developed to support primary producers and their commercial partners, offering a simple and scalable way to integrate, for example, contract producers in primary production with suppliers or buyers of products and services.

This system enables streamlining the entire supply chain from primary production suppliers to primary production, the food industry, and retail. It enhances the flow of information and data among all parties, enabling the sharing of important information such as production quality data, logistics data, customer satisfaction information, or other crucial data. Mtech Supply Chain Integrator increases transparency in supply chains based on established partnerships.

Moreover, Mtech Supply Chain Integrator enables industrial players, such as buyers of farm production, to have efficient and bidirectional communication with contract producers or their representatives. Integration allows the transfer of information in purchase-related processes or, for example, regarding scope-3 emissions.


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