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We are proud to be known for our excellent service and profound understanding of customers’ needs and operating areas. Customer success is our most important goal.

Mtech offers a unique combination of technological power and holistic expertise in the food supply chain. We provide excellence in creating smart solutions to digitalise your business.

Through agile methods and smart technologies, we deliver the most innovative digital solutions and create a competitive advantage for our customers.

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We have more than 100 leading companies and organisations as our customers, both in Finland and globally. We are also proud to be a trusted digital partner to advisory organisations, breeding associations and public authorities in the agricultural sector.

Our roots are in Finland, and we have a long history in providing leading farm management systems to Finnish farmers.  The company was founded in 1986 and we have operated under the name Mtech since 2016.

Our mission is to build smart food production. With our smart solutions, we help our customers to produce healthy food in a competitive, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Mtech is owned by ProAgria, Faba and The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK).

Our head office is located in Vantaa and we also have an office in Rovaniemi.

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Mtech Digital Solutions Group

Neviso Oy

We strengthened our expertise in circular economy by acquiring Neviso Oy in 2018. Neviso Oy is based in Kauhajoki and specialises in ERP and IT solutions for circular economy and processing industry logistics. Neviso Oy’s best-known products are the Neviso ABP Logistics Software, an ERP solution designed for the animal by-product industry, and the TracERP solution for the wood processing industry. A significant part of Neviso Oy’s operations are international, and its business in the international market is growing rapidly.

Biocode Oy

Biocode Oy was born from the desire of its founders (the Association of ProAgria Centres and Mtech Digital Solutions) to seek solutions for decarbonising food production, a crucial step forward in reversing climate change.

Biocode Ltd is a cleantech start-up established in 2017, owned jointly by Mtech (50 %) and the Association of ProAgria Centres (50 %). The new platform Biocode Impact is an online service for tracking, improving, and communicating the climate impact of food products. Biocode aims to achieve significant domestic and international growth.


ProEventus Oy is an authorised accounting office established in 2004. It provides its customers with financial management services including bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, payroll management and controller services, either with in-house resources or produced by partners. ProEventus is owned by Mtech, Faba and ProAgria. Mtech owns 28 per cent of ProEventus.


The NCDX Aps company is jointly owned by Mtech and various Nordic advisory organisations: Denmark’s Seges, Sweden’s Växä Sverige, Norway’s Tine and Iceland’s RML.

NCDX Aps partly owns the international dairy data partnership company iDDEN, International Dairy Data Exchange Network.