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Mtech Digital Solutions, with approximately €12 million in revenues and 115 employees, is a dynamic entity specializing in developing innovative digital solutions for the extended farm-to-fork ecosystem. The company, owned by ProAgria, Faba, and The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), has been a significant player in the industry since its inception in 1986. In 2016, it embraced the name Mtech, reflecting its evolved identity and commitment to modernizing the food system.

Mtech serves a diverse range of stakeholders, from farmers and agricultural service organizations to food industry buyers and the HORECA sector. Its strategic focus on sustainability and efficiency is designed to support the adoption of sustainable practices across the food system.

At the core of Mtech’s offerings is the Minun Maatilani platform, featuring tools and services aimed at optimizing farming operations, boosting productivity, and enhancing environmental sustainability. Products like Minun Maatilani Wisu, Minun Maatilani Nauta, and Wakka showcase Mtech’s dedication to delivering user-friendly, quality solutions to the agricultural sector.

Moreover, Mtech’s Supply Chain Integrator and Mtech Core System are pivotal in facilitating smooth interactions among agricultural stakeholders and supporting the digital infrastructure needs of the food system.

With a robust foothold in the business-to-farmer segment and an expanding presence in the B2B market, Mtech, leveraging its extensive know-how and advanced software development capabilities, is strategically positioned to serve a global clientele, with a strong emphasis on Finland and the Nordic region.

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