About Mtech

Mtech is an innovative digital solutions provider specialised in business development and farming software.

Mtech in figures

130 employees
Founded in 1986
Turnover 12,95 M€ 2019

Mtech Digital Solutions Group

Mtech Group includes Biocode Ltd, Neviso Ltd and ProEventus Ltd.

Biocode Ltd

Biocode Ltd was established as a joint venture with ProAgria in 2017. Biocode is a Finnish service innovation for food companies, farmers and consumers to make ecological choices. It strengthens the competitiveness of products by providing current and company-specific information and tools to mitigate climate change and product visibility. The service provides transparency for the production and consumption of food by digital means. The Biocode office is located at Workery West office building in Pasila, Helsinki. Mtech owns 50% of Biocode Ltd. Read more about Biocode.

Neviso Ltd

Mtech acquired the entire share capital of Neviso Ltd on 6 April 2018. Neviso is an IT company based in Kauhajoki offering software solutions and IT services. Internationally, Neviso’s main product is Neviso ABP logistics software. Read more about Neviso.

ProEventus Ltd

ProEventus Ltd is a financial, controller and payroll management company owned by Mtech, Faba and ProAgria. Mtech owns 28% of ProEventus Ltd. Read more about ProEventus.


Mtech’s current board was elected 24.5.2019. Chairman Merja Keisala Vice chairman Tiina Mitikka Board members Harri Mäkivuokko Jussi Juhola Antti Latva-Rasku Joel Puhakainen Johan Åberg Frans Westerlund Vesa Syrjäkari