Mtech Productivity System

The Mtech Productivity System solution provides the market’s most efficient and comprehensive digital software tools for crop production, farm financial management, and livestock needs. As the name suggests, our solution’s central goal is to optimize customer production processes. Our customers’ preferred brands, Minun Maatilani Wisu, Wakka Software, and Minun Maatilani Nauta, offer an excellent user experience and enable efficient planning, documentation, and monitoring of core business functions.

Increasingly, our digital solutions integrate technology such as weather stations and robotics for livestock farming, as well as other data sources. The familiar user experience of Mtech’s interface facilitates the utilization of technology and data analysis.

In the value chain of the food industry, a significant portion of environmental impacts occurs in primary production. Improving productivity in primary production processes is typically the most cost-effective and sustainable way to enhance the environmental efficiency of production.



More about Mtech Productivity System solutions

Minun Maatilani Wisu for Crop Management

Wisu includes the actual browser-based crop management software as well as the mobile application MobiWisu, and WisuPrognosis that helps to predict the need for crop protection and grass digestibility development.

Minun Maatilani Cattle Software

With Minun Maatilani Cattle software, the farmer can log in to his herd and production data using any internet connected device. The most necessary key figures are available as graphs and dials. The software system can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each enterprise.

Wakka Software for Financial Management

It is easy to handle electronic farm accounting with Wakka financial software.

Voices of success - Real stories from our customers

Streamlined crop management with Wisu

At Mäkipää’s farm, almost all aspects of crop farming are efficiently planned using Wisu. Utilizing Wisu’s map software, vegetation indexes, and crop rotation features has significantly enhanced farm management.

Revolutionizing Dairy Farm Management with Cattle Software

Minun Maatilani Cattle Software has simplified the management of the vast amount of information involved in running the farm.

Wakka products for an Accounting Firm

WebWakka Pro streamlines and facilitates the work of accountants. As a browser-based software, WebWakka Pro operates conveniently on both the accounting firm’s and the client’s computer – regardless of location.

Mtech’s My Farm platform supports a responsible potato starch development project