WebWakka Pro: Streamlining Accounting Firms’ Agricultural Finance

The agricultural accounting at Tiliportti is done with WebWakka Pro, which streamlines and facilitates the work of accountants. As a browser-based software, WebWakka Pro operates conveniently on both the accounting firm’s and the client’s computer – regardless of location.

Annamari Lemmetti works as an accountant at Tiliportti, a family-run accounting firm chain with branches across Finland. Tiliportti has recently opened a new office in Kiuruvesi, Northern Savonia. Lemmetti handles Tiliportti’s agricultural accounting along with another accountant specialized in agricultural businesses, Veera Laine.

Lemmetti shares that she is familiar with WebWakka Pro, a good software for farm accounting. Tiliportti became interested in the software because traditional accounting programs were challenging to use for agricultural accounting: “WebWakka Pro has many advantages: it is browser-based, making it easily accessible to both clients and accountants.”

Lemmetti is also pleased that the software makes it easy to see what has been done at any time. “It’s also a plus that both of our agricultural accountants can access the data of the company currently being worked on, if needed.”

Time-Saving and Customized Features

“Especially for large farms, WebWakka Pro is a good solution for agricultural accounting from an accounting firm employee’s perspective, as it is tailored specifically for agricultural needs,” Lemmetti states.

WebWakka Pro has helped solve many challenges for accountants, and Lemmetti is particularly satisfied with the financial statement section: “In the financial statement section, you can do everything needed for the financial statements, find information easily afterwards, and also modify and try different taxation options.”

The payroll section of WebWakka is also widely used at Tiliportti. “In agriculture, wages can be seasonal, so it’s good to have them in one place. It’s very beneficial that income register and tax filings can be sent directly from WebWakka,” Lemmetti explains.

WebWakka Pro has also concretely improved results from the perspective of the accounting firm, Lemmetti reflects. “With WebWakka, time is saved and efficiency is improved. The interim financial statement has also been a positive feature, often wanted, but should not take too much time to prepare. With WebWakka, it’s nice to do.”

Additionally, the firm has noticed that customized tax calculations, ready-made tax forms, and chart of accounts tailored for agriculture have enhanced operations compared to the past.

Versatile and User-Friendly Accounting Program

According to Lemmetti, the software has been smooth to use and clear to operate: “I like that it’s easy to check where information goes during accounting and financial statements.”

The drill-down income statement has also been a useful tool to use with clients. “Then you can directly look at the accounting and compare the current and previous financial year’s figures. In addition, adding a new client has been quick and smooth. When the program is made specifically for agricultural accounting, working with it is enjoyable.”

“WebWakka Pro is a versatile and user-friendly program. Since it is made specifically for agricultural accounting, working with it is smooth and easy,” Lemmetti concludes.