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Easy-to-use online sales platform

MyCatalogue enables customized bull catalogs for different languages ​​in all VikingGenetics markets

Route optimisation brings savings to the environment and Faba

Savings, better customer service and knowledge management with route optimisation.

Innovative online service visualises genetic progress

NAV Trends creates opportunities to study the genetic trends in dairy breeds. Mtech developed an online service for their client Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV).

Mobile app to increase efficiency in veterinary work

Animal Health ETT needed a simple tool to record veterinary medications and treatments to their cattle healthcare register Naseva. NasevaHealthApp makes it possible to record medical notes right from the field.

All about cattle health in one system

The cattle farm healthcare system Naseva was developed into a network of interfaces, bringing data from different systems into one service. Naseva is a cattle farm healthcare system maintained by Animal Health ETT.

Cattle scoring goes mobile

Nordic Classification app speeds up cattle classifiers’ work and reduces errors instantly. The app was designed in collaboration with Faba in Finland, Växa Sverige in Sweden, Seges in Denmark, and Geno and Tyr in Norway and built by the best software specialists at Mtech.

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