All about cattle health in one system

The cattle farm healthcare system Naseva was developed into a network of interfaces, bringing data from different systems into one service.

Improved animal health with a network of interfaces

Naseva is a cattle farm healthcare system maintained by Animal Health ETT. It is used by farm workers, dairy and abattoir staff and veterinarians. ETT chose Mtech to modernise and develop functional interfaces for the service.

The way Naseva works is that there is a huge amount of data flowing in through a network of interfaces. These include milk recording data, udder health related analysis results from laboratory systems, animal and event data from government systems, information on animals slaughtered from abattoir systems, and treatment and medication data from veterinary software and production management software.

Because of the interfaces between Naseva and other systems, the information is regularly updated for the benefit of Naseva users.

“Our experts have been able to test new features all throughout the development work. That is good cooperation, because we have been able to say right away what works and what does not,” says Erja Tuunainen, healthcare veterinarian for Naseva at ETT.

The development work was continued with NasevaHealthApp, a mobile app that allows producers to use mobile devices to register medication data. Other reforms visible to users have been the transfer from paper forms for healthcare visits to more comprehensive question lists filled in within the system, and a more visual form of presenting the farm information.

“Development work like this is a big effort but definitely pays off”, says Taina Ahonen, Key Account Manager from Mtech. “Naseva now gives professionals in the food industry an important tool for following the health of the animals in their contract farms. It enables you to get a bigger picture of your business.”

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