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Meet Mtech at ICAR conference 2022 in Montreal Canada

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Future of data integration in agriculture and food production – Q & A

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New drive for business development: Mikko Jääskeläinen appointed Chief Innovation Officer

Read more 26.04.2022

Christian Jurvanen and Jarkko Ilomäki receive silver medals from Faba Coop

Read more 25.04.2022

Gaia-X: Towards international data management

Read more 04.04.2022

Mtech makes a donation to help children affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Read more 24.03.2022

Mtech has acquired Datatech’s software business

Read more 16.03.2022

Integrated data collection in herd management – Q and A

Read more 07.03.2022

Digitalised food supply chains for a sustainable future

Read more 07.12.2021

Meeting agricultural challenges with IT – Q and A

Read more 11.11.2021

Our experts export Nordic standardisation know-how to Russia

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Patrik Nordgren ­appointed as Director of Customer Solutions Global at Mtech

Read more 30.06.2021

IT system analysis benefits also farmers

Read more 17.05.2022

IT system analysis is risk management

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Integration as the securer of information system reform

Read more 26.04.2022

Grow your dairy business with data integration

Read more 21.03.2022

Standardisation of data makes it easy for new partners to join a service

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Integration creates a better user experience

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Cost savings or more revenues with the help of interface solutions

Read more 23.02.2022

AFarCloud – carbon footprint computation system for dairy farms

Read more 09.02.2022

Integration is a tool for combining data repositories

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AFarCloud – efficient use of data in grassland cultivation and domestic animal production

Read more 27.01.2022

6 reasons to implement IT integration

Read more 18.01.2022

Gain a competitive advantage in food production with traceability

Read more 29.11.2021

Webinar: Seamless connection of software and hardware

Read more 18.05.2022

Webinar: Future of data integration in agriculture and food production

Read more 12.04.2022

Webinar: Integrated data collection in herd management – success case Finland

Read more 16.02.2022

Webinar: Meeting agricultural challenges with IT

Read more 15.10.2021

Webinar: Mobile applications in dairy business

Read more 25.05.2021