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Meeting agricultural challenges with IT – Q and A

Read more 11.11.2021

Our experts export Nordic standardisation know-how to Russia

Read more 02.11.2021

Patrik Nordgren ­appointed as Director of Customer Solutions Global at Mtech

Read more 30.06.2021

Thank you for attending our webinar

Read more 16.06.2021

Farm management digitalisation – how Mtech does it

Read more 05.05.2021

Only one week left till the ICAR2021 conference!

Read more 19.04.2021

SimplyCow – a mobile app for diverse herds and systems

Read more 15.04.2021

Mtech to implement Snellman’s producer service

Read more 25.03.2021

MyICAR, the statistics and membership information service of ICAR, has been launched

Read more 24.03.2021

Mtech Digital Solutions and AGCO Finland make precision farming easy with wireless data transfer

Read more 17.03.2021

Mtech is a technical partner of ICAR

Read more 17.02.2021

Mtech is a sponsor of the ICAR 2021 conference

Read more 11.02.2021

Top-notch food safety with digital technology

Read more 29.11.2021

Sustainable food supply chain starts from healthy animals

Read more 22.11.2021

Digitalisation revolutionises farm management

Read more 15.11.2021

Your IT partner for the food supply chain – feet on the soil, head in the clouds

Read more 02.11.2021

Cattle breeding is rocket science

Read more 19.08.2021

Visualised data enables rapid detection of trends and deviations in dairy business

Read more 11.08.2021

Agile development at Mtech – case Faba stock management

Read more 21.07.2021

Who is responsible for the climate impact of food production?

Read more 23.06.2021

Farmer-operated milk recording – robust and cost-effective

Read more 17.06.2021

Creating happiness with digital solutions

Read more 31.05.2021

Digital ecosystem enables a sustainable food supply chain

Read more 10.05.2021

Olga Smirnova – the project manager passionate about making customers happy

Read more 21.04.2021

Welcome to our free-of-charge webinar: Meeting agricultural challenges with IT

Read more 22.10.2021

Webinar Mobile applications in dairy business on June, 10th!

Read more 27.05.2021