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Our mission is to build smart food production in a way that helps our customers succeed. With our innovative digital solutions, we help our customers meet the challenges facing humanity.


This is how we do it.

Customer success is our most important goal. Whether you are looking for long-term solutions for digitalizing your business or quick ways to resolve problem, we are here for you. What makes us unique is our top-notch digital expertise combined with our holistic expertise in the food supply chain.

Digital transformation
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

What if you could improve the quality of your product with data or a well-designed web app? Or run all your operations from a mobile device? We have all the necessary tools you need to digitalise your business, from simple mobile applications to complex data ecosystems.

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Analysing and visualising data
Analysing and visualising data

Analysing and visualising data

The world is full of data. Knowing how to use it is what separates your company from the rest. We offer you the best tools for knowledge-based management, including tools for simulations, measuring KPI, reporting and predicting. Turning data into relevant knowledge helps you make better decisions and react quickly to changes in your business.

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Integrating and sharing data
Integrating and sharing data

Integrating and sharing data

Collecting quality data from various sources and using it in different services is a smart choice to make. Data drives some of today’s smartest business choices. With the right information you can smooth out processes, make better decisions and work seamlessly with global partners.

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IT services
IT services

IT Services

Efficient and secure information technology is the foundation of every successful business. We offer extensive IT services including hosting, cloud services, consultation and IT support.

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Professional solutions

We offer professional solutions, from simple applications to complex data ecosystems.



MyFarm is multifunctional software for managing farms.
The platform gathers all the important data in one place, and farm tasks, production and finances will all be up to date.

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SimplyCow is an easy-to-use mobile app for managing herds and systems. The app sets the foundation for animal breeding, milk production development and monitoring animal health, serving farmers, authorities and food companies alike.

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Current topics

News, blog posts and webinars

Season’s Greetings!

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Only one week left till the ICAR2021 conference!

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SimplyCow – a mobile app for diverse herds and systems

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Mtech to implement Snellman’s producer service

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MyICAR, the statistics and membership information service of ICAR, has been launched

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Mtech Digital Solutions and AGCO Finland make precision farming easy with wireless data transfer

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6 Reasons to Implement IT Integration

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Top-notch food safety with digital technology

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Digitalisation revolutionises farm management

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Your IT partner for the food supply chain – feet on the soil, head in the clouds

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Cattle breeding is rocket science

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Visualised data enables rapid detection of trends and deviations in dairy business

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Agile development at Mtech – case Faba stock management

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Who is responsible for the climate impact of food production?

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Farmer-operated milk recording – robust and cost-effective

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Creating happiness with digital solutions

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Digital ecosystem enables a sustainable food supply chain

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Webinar Meeting agricultural challenges with IT on November, 4 th!

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Webinar Mobile applications in dairy business on June, 10th!

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Customer stories

An IT audit led to a highly valuable platform renewal A platform renewal brought NorFor into the 21st century The update brought many advantages, including improved performance and security. Read more
Mobile app to increase efficiency in veterinary work NasevaHealthApp makes it possible to record medical notes right from the field Animal Health ETT needed a simple tool to record veterinary medications and treatments to their cattle healthcare register Naseva. Read more
Innovative online service visualises genetic progress Valuable insight into genetics through an online service NAV Trends creates opportunities to study the genetic trends in dairy breeds. Mtech developed an online service for their client Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV). Read more
All about cattle health in one system Improved animal health with a network of interfaces The cattle farm healthcare system Naseva was developed into a network of interfaces, bringing data from different systems into one service. Naseva is a cattle farm healthcare system maintained by Animal Health ETT. Read more
Cattle scoring goes mobile Increased efficiency with a mobile classification app Nordic Classification app speeds up cattle classifiers’ work and reduces errors instantly. The app was designed in collaboration with Faba in Finland, Växa Sverige in Sweden, Seges in Denmark, and Geno and Tyr in Norway and built by the best software specialists at Mtech. Read more
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