Mobile app to increase efficiency in veterinary work

NasevaHealthApp makes it possible to record medical notes right from the field.

Mobile app makes it possible to access health registers on-the-go

Animal Health ETT is a Finnish expert organisation promoting animal health and welfare. The organisation needed a simple tool to record veterinary medications and treatments to their cattle healthcare register Naseva.

Having been a long-term partner to ETT, Mtech was very familiar with the needs of the customer and suggested creating a mobile app. The process was started in 2018 and was tested by a pilot user group in the autumn of the same year. In the spring of the following year, the app was already in use.

“The users of the app have found it extremely handy”, says Paula Halkosaari, Naseva register manager at ETT. “Since you can easily access it from your mobile phone, the individual treatments can be recorded immediately.”

Capturing data right where the animals are, the producer does not need to take separate notes and later save them on a computer.

The design of the NasevaHealthApp was made extremely user-friendly. Recording a treatment, the user has to select the treated individual from a list, and then select the treatment and medication. The most frequent choices can be arranged to the top of the list, which makes the recording faster. If the solution is used offline, it saves the data in the device memory and sends them to the database when the device goes online again. The solution also makes automatic backup copies. The NasevaHealthApp has no device limitations; it works on both Android and Apple phones.

The same type of solution could be used in many other fields, wherever there is a risk of double recording data.

“We are very pleased with how the NasevaHealthApp turned out and would like to take it to other industries”, says Taina Ahonen, Key Account Manager at Mtech. “For example, show and trial evaluations for horses and dogs could be recorded on a similar app. Wherever data is recorded twice, first at the production plant and then at the office, would benefit from this kind of app.”

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