Cattle scoring goes mobile

Nordic Classification app speeds up cattle classifiers’ work and reduces errors instantly.

Increased efficiency with a mobile classification app

Nordic Classification is a mobile application that allows cattle classifiers to record type scores on a mobile device or handheld terminal. Mobile scoring speeds up classifiers’ work, reduces errors and calculates totals immediately.

The Nordic Classification app brought together the best expertise from breeding organisations in four Nordic countries. The app was designed in collaboration with Faba in Finland, Växa Sverige in Sweden, Seges in Denmark, and Geno and Tyr in Norway and built by the best software specialists at Mtech. Using the organisations’ valuable hands-on experience, the app was specifically tailored to meet needs in the Nordic countries.

The secret to success is seamless connectivity. The Nordic Classification app connects to each respective breeding database, fetches animal data and at the end returns the scoring results to the database. The app also works without a network connection. Data can be recorded offline, and when a connection becomes available, the data will flow to the necessary database.

“It is very important that the app works 24/7 and that bugs are corrected quickly”, says Andres Fogh, Head of Department of the Danish company Seges. “We have enjoyed excellent cooperation with Mtech and they have proved an extremely reliable business partner.”

“We wanted to answer the needs of these Nordic expert organisations”, says Juho Kyntäjä, Senior Specialist at Mtech. “The Nordic Classification app makes it possible to classify cattle without papers, which makes the job much quicker and safer. It also helps to unify data between the Nordic countries, which will help the whole industry immensely.”

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