Customized Software Suite Simplifies the Daily Routine of a Dairy Farm

Koskenoja farm in Jalasjärvi, Finland, produces milk – the farm has over 220 cows, of which about 185 are in milking. The farm uses Minun Maatilani (My Farm) cattle software and several of its milk production spefified features. Liisa Vuorela and her husband’s family business employs a five-person team dedicated to producing high-quality Finnish milk for consumers.

Software facilitates farm’s information management

The software has simplified the management of the vast amount of information involved in running the farm. “We use several features of the Minun Maatilani software, such as Milk Production feature, On-Farm Insemination feature, and Customizable Reports,” lists Vuorela. According to Vuorela, Customizable Reports allow for much better monitoring and control of various pieces of information. The feature facilitates the creation of different kinds of lists conveniently.

“It makes it easy to create various lists of the herd, for instance, based on the liters of milk produced, breed, or age,” mentions Vuorela.

The farm also extensively uses the On-Farm Insemination feature, which Vuorela finds very important and useful. In addition to reporting all inseminations, the On-Farm Insemination feature ensures that Vuorela stays up-to-date with the status of the herd.

Data transfer happens automatically in the background

The farm’s robotic barn was completed in 2013 and has a total of four Lely milking robots. The RoboLink program between the milking robot and the Milk Production feature allows the software and the robot to communicate with each other. “Data transfer happens automatically in the background. It’s easy to send production tracking data through it without having to gather information myself. I just set the day when the data is sent,” Vuorela appreciates.

Necessary Information Easily Accessible Even on a Phone

Vuorela uses the software a lot on her phone. One of the advantages of the software she highlights is that it can be used from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. All up-to-date information is always at hand. “The program also reminds me of things that I’ve forgotten. There are a million things to remember on the farm, so it’s really good that the software smartly reminds me of them,” Vuorela reflects.

Up-to-date software and user-friendly experience

Vuorela believes that the software will continue to evolve in the future. Running the farm involves a lot of paperwork, which Minun Maatilani with its various features have significantly eased. “I’ve also received very good customer support when I’ve had questions. Customer support has been receptive to improvement suggestions. Mtech really listens to producers, as they should. Why wouldn’t you use such a program?” Vuorela smiles.”