Machine learning

What is machine learning, and how to benefit from it in business practice? As an Mtech customer, you will have access to our expertise in machine learning.

Machine learning can be used for the following:

  • classification (sorting documents)
  • prediction (company financial figures, customer behaviour)
  • grouping (customer segmentation)
  • image identification (describing image content in text format)
  • determining explanatory factors (factors affecting company profitability)
  • detecting exceptions (financial administration monitoring)
  • data imputation (predicting a missing value)
  • The potential applications of machine learning in different industries are extremely wide reaching! Machine learning is a part of the wider field of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is itself an umbrella term for various algorithms. It is most commonly divided into supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning algorithms. Machine learning is divided into these groups based on how much human supervision the computer needs in order to learn something.

    Utilising machine learning

    Mtech takes practical advantage of machine learning in its own software solution and digital business development. As an Mtech customer, you can access all the relevant industry expertise we have, and your company will be able to take practical advantage of the results of our work. The implementation of machine learning requires work from specialists in a number of different areas. At its core, it is application development with version and life cycle management. We therefore support the ready product in use and in further development.

    Contact us, and we can work together to map your needs and find out whether your company could benefit from machine learning!

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