Machine learning

Create efficiency through machine learning

Machine learning enables smart solutions for quality monitoring and management, while also helping your company develop more sustainable operating methods.

Machine learning is a useful tool in agriculture, enabling sophisticated solutions in yield prediction, disease detection, weed detection among crops, crop quality and livestock management. Better understanding in these areas helps you to develop more sustainable practices, increase production and improve animal welfare.

Machine learning can be used for purposes such as classification, forecasting, grouping, image recognition, identifying cause-and-effect relationships and detecting deviations in data that need attention to avoid losses. This produces benefits such as revenue predictions, a more personalised customer experience, a competitive advantage, efficiency, and optimisation of production inputs.

Mtech’s highly skilled experts can model intelligent machine learning solutions for your organisation’s benefit.

Mtech has been investing in the research and development of agricultural data and modern machine learning methods for several years. The company has combined research resources with partners such as Tampere University in the utilisation of drone-based and remote sensing data for grain yield forecasting based on image recognition.

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