Meet Mtech Digital Solutions at ICAR conference in Bled

It is time once again to meet colleagues and friends at the annual ICAR conference in Bled, Slovenia. The ICAR conference offers a great opportunity to catch up on new knowledge and gain insights into our industry through excellent presentations and discussions. Equally important is the chance to meet and network with other ICAR members and participants from different countries and organizations. It is this opportunity to engage and collaborate with industry peers that makes the ICAR conference a must-attend event for us. Since last year, Mtech Digital Solutions has invested in solutions that serve the industry by creating two very useful products:

• A Recording Device Management solution suitable for ICAR members aiming to be granted the ICAR Certificate of Quality. The Mtech Core System – Recording Device Solution swiftly and easily allows you to plan and monitor calibration schedules, maintain a detailed database of device types, and create necessary reports.

• A solution tailored for AI (Artificial Insemination) organizations. Our solution, part of the Mtech Core Systems – Service Optimization application, is designed to streamline how you manage the ordering, planning, implementation, and documentation of the service. Say farewell to manual errors with our system that ensures accuracy, balanced workloads, and higher customer satisfaction.

We look forward to meeting and connecting with all the participants and sharing my experiences and insights with the community. Reach out to the participants from Mtech (Christian Jurvanen, Patrik Nordgren and Alexey Shelepaev at the ICAR conference. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to partner with you and contribute to your success.