Alexey Shelepaev

Software Architect

Expertise & Experience

  • Data integration and transformation
  • Agricultural information systems
  • Business digitalization
  • Software architecture and development

Alexey Shelepaev joined Mtech in 2017 as a Lead Developer. Alexey is currently the Software Architect of Mtech Digital Solutions Global. The focus is to provide technical expertise for Mtech clients and partners in projects to make sure the applications and technology stack is aligned with a modern software development approach and customer needs. Alexey is also an active observer and resource in ICAR’s Working Group on Animal Data Exchange, ADE, where he acts as an expert on transforming the ICAR data dictionary into digital services to The International Dairy Data Exchange Network, iDDEN.

Before joining Mtech, Alexey worked for more than 10 years in software development in different roles and organisations. Alexey has a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Management, graduating from the Saint-Petersburg University of Information Systems and Optics and Saint Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics.

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Alexey Shelepaev Software Architect +358 40 167 0999