Robotic process automation

Save yourself from simple, routine tasks

Does your company spend too much time on simple, routine tasks? Robotic process automation is the answer.

Many organizations spend too much time on routine tasks such as invoice processing or transferring numbers from one spreadsheet to another. Software robotics is the solution to this challenge. Assigning routine tasks to software robotics saves time, money and is more accurate.

We can use software robotics to automate your company’s routine tasks, such as reporting, tracking shipments, maintaining product and price information and processing invoices. At its best, robotics frees up employees to take on more meaningful tasks, reduces mistakes and improves efficiency.

When data is not transferred between two systems, software robotics is an effective alternative that is often simpler than systems integration.

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Robotic process automation processes over 2,000 purchase invoices per month

ProEventus ordered robotic process automation to automate the processing of purchase invoices. Software robotics is now used to process a third of the company’s invoices.
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