Robotic process automation

Does your company spend too much working time on simple, routine tasks, such as transferring numeric data from one table to another? Robotic process automation is the answer.

What can be automated in practice?

  • order report compilation
  • process scheduling
  • delivery monitoring
  • payment management
  • maintenance of product information and prices
  • and much more!
  • A software robot can be taught to use and interpret existing applications and to handle business events, edit data, send responses and communicate with other digital systems. Robotic process automation works best in processes where the data is available in a specified format and the resulting data is also in a specified format. For example, robots are not yet able to interpret human language and images very well.

    Other services to support RPA

    Mtech also offers customised software solutions professionally and cost-efficiently. In addition, we can also determine the processes in which RPA would work best in connection with wider digital business development and consulting. For some business bottlenecks, the solution is machine learning.

    Contact us, and we will map the best solution to meet your specific needs!

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