Mtech launches the AgINTEL artificial intelligence solution at Elintarvikepäivät

Mtech has developed the AgINTEL artificial intelligence solution, which will be presented at Elintarvikepäivät 14.5 2024. This innovation represents the next generation of digital solutions in agriculture, effectively utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.

The Mtech AgINTEL brand brings artificial intelligence to agricultural production processes, customer solutions and farm software by Mtech. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can analyze and utilize large amounts of data faster and more accurately than ever before. We use the latest science-based training material, which significantly increases the value of language models for users.

Mtech’s purpose is to bring AI-assisted features to trial use already during the current year, which will be announced in more detail later. The launch at Food Days is a significant step towards smarter and more efficient agriculture.

More information:
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, CTO:
Anton Hokkonen