Mtech renews its management team and appoints a Chief AI Officer

Anton Hokkonen, Chief AI Officer

Anton Hokkonen, previously Mtech’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), will also be responsible for the role of Chief AI Officer in the future. Mtech is investing significantly in the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) in production processes and customer solutions.

Anton is responsible for leading the company’s AI strategy, including optimising the use of AI, tracking new AI technologies and integrating them into the company’s operations and products, and managing AI ethical and legal issues. He is responsible for managing and coordinating all artificial intelligence projects.

Mikko Jääskeläinen, Chief Commercial Officer
Mikko Jääskeläinen, Chief Innovation Officer, is now Chief Commercial Officer. He is responsible for developing the company’s new business. He will also continue to oversee the company’s innovation process.

Other roles of the management team
The management team at Mtech still includes CEO Christian Jurvanen, Deputy CEO & Head of Finnish Food Ecosystem Business Jarkko Ilomäki, Head of International Business Patrik Nordgren, Head of Agriservices Sanna Keski-Nisula and HR Manager Tiia Aitavaara.

For further information and comments, please contact:
Christian Jurvanen,
Managing Director,
Mtech Digital Solutions Oy
Tel: 0207472309
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