Biofarm and Mtech ­cooperate to make it easier to order customized mineral mixes

Farmixi is an online service ordered from Mtech by Biofarm. The service allows producers to conveniently order the best customized mineral mix for their cattle.

Farmixi is easy to use: The producer logs in to the service and gives authorization to plan a mineral mix. A plan for a customized mineral supplement which best supplements the farm’s feed is created in Farmixi. Information about the order and planned mineral mix is sent to the producer’s e-mail address for the producer to approve or, if necessary, modify via the service. Once the producer has approved the offer, the mineral mix will be prepared and sent to the farm.

This all takes place in Farmixi without any phone calls or feeding plan print-outs.

The customer receives an offer within a few days after submitting a request,” promises Biofarm’s development manager Mika Brofeldt.

There are a few requirements for using Farmixi successfully:

1. The farm registers with Farmixi and provides the information required for the service

2. The farm authorizes Farmixi to use the feeding plan information in ProAgria’s Karjakompassi service

3. The farm has an up-to-date feeding plan created using the Karjakompassi service

“The precision of the customized mineral mix comes from how precisely the feed are analyzed on the farm,” says Brofeldt. “When dealing with new feed and a new plan, we will create a new plan for the mineral mix.”

A farm which is already familiar with feeding can further improve its mineral mix to meet its cattle’s needs by submitting a request for an offer on e.g. trace elements, which improve cattle health.

“When mineral mixes provide the missing ingredients in feed, production naturally improves,” emphasizes Brofeldt. With a customized mineral mix, the farm only pays for the ingredients it needs.

“The advantage for the farm is that Farmixi is easy to use. All you need to do is authorize Farmixi to use your feeding plan and you will receive an offer,” explains Brofeldt. “As far as I know, Farmixi is one of a kind; there are no other services that allow you to order customized mineral mixes online.”

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