Easy-to-use online platform for sales people

MyCatalogue platform speeds up the global sales work and is cost effective

VikingGenetics is a provider of science-based bovine genetic products and solutions for progressive dairy and beef producers around the world. VikingGenetics is owned by 20,000 dairy and beef farmers in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. When it comes to digital solutions, VikingGenetics needs to deliver quickly, on time, and with high-quality design, in line with the VikingGenetics profile.

“For VikingGenetics, it is very important to share relevant and up-to-date information on the products we sell. This is especially important when it comes to presenting the bulls we offer,” says Riina Koivulahti, marketing assistant at VikingGenetics. The previous solution was already technically obsolete and time consuming to use. “When we defined the objectives for the new sales tool, we wanted to save time and costs, and create an easy-to-use tool for our sales organisation,” explains Riina. The users of MyCatalogue are export managers, distributors, country managers.

The project needed to be executed within demanding time constraints due to the technically obsolete old system and strong needs in the VikingGenetics sales organisation.

”Mtech was selected due to their strong digital and domain competence and capabilities. They also promised to meet the demanding schedule and to prioritise our needs,” says Henrik Rokkjaer, senior project manager at VikingGenetics. “Another important factor was our long relationship and the fact that we know the people, their capabilities, and their readiness to meet our expectations, even though this project was a new field for the Mtech team,” Henrik adds.

VikingGenetics and Mtech formed a joint development team that planned and executed in an Agile manner throughout the project. In this way, ideas could be explored in the project that, in the end, created greater customer value without causing delays or expanding costs. Thanks to the innovative UI development platform, Mtech’s developers could, in close collaboration with Riina, create a smart solution that suited all needs and requirements.

The project was defined, developed, and delivered in close collaboration between VikingGenetics and Mtech’s Team Global from late spring to mid-summer 2022.

With MyCatalogue the user can create customised bull catalogues in different languages, and content suitable for all VikingGenetics’ markets. No additional work is needed to search and edit bull information, design, translations, or general content, such as the front and back covers.  MyCatalogue is easy to use, and the user quickly learns how to use it. In a few minutes, a new bull catalogue is created and can be distributed to readers.

MTech Digital Solutions has been providing digital services to VikingGenetics for the past decade, and now also delivers the MyCatalogue digital sales tool. The new, state-of-the-art online platform has streamlined VikingGenetics’ global sales work.

“The successful collaboration with Mtech is based on mutual trust, competence, and integrity,” says Henrik Rokkjaer.

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