Katariina Vaaramaa – the designer who really understands the needs of our customers

How did you find you way to Mtech?

My path to Mtech began at Helsinki University, where I studied animal breeding. I first worked for Mtech’s customer and owner company Faba in the same building in a few projects, so applying for a designer position at Mtech was not a complete leap into unknown. I was fortunate to get the job and now I have been working at Mtech for more than 10 years already.

What do you do here?

I work as a designer, which in Mtech is quite a versatile job. As the title suggest, I design software and that means I work closely with our customers on the requirements and design suggestions, but also with our developers when the programming and testing is going on. I work with both our domestic and global customers, mainly within the field of breeding, artificial insemination and genetics.
My feeling is that familiarity with agriculture and animal breeding are crucial in making sure that the solutions answer our customers’ needs.

What is your normal day like?

The designers here at Mtech work closely together with our customers and developers, so on an average day I will discuss solutions, definitions or specifications with a lot of people, currently mostly online. One perhaps a little more independent part of the work is creating the visual designs or mockups, and so is writing specifications to be shared with customers and team members. Concerning products and services already in use, solving problems and helping users is also a part of my workdays.

What kind of things excite you at work?

Those cases where we managed to come up with a good, simple solution to a customer’s problem are especially nice. Currently working at Mtech is good combination of both independent work and teamwork, sometimes solving something difficult together is even nicer than solving it alone.
While working at Mtech keeps me up to date about the latest developments in animal breeding, it is also refreshing to learn new things about e.g. calculating carbon footprints.

What is your nicest memory related to Mtech?

Nice memories relate to successful projects where both sides are happy with the development and the result. It makes me happy to hear that a solution has made the users’ work easier or saves time, particularly if the user experience is well received. I personally prefer simple and clean solutions, so it is especially gratifying when we have succeeded in creating something that is easy to use but still performs well in our customers’ complicated business environment.

What do you do on your free time?

I have three whippets who now have more speed than sense, so they keep me busy. Apart from our year-round love of nature trails and trekking, we are active in lure coursing and oval track racing. During the competition season I can usually be found either from the staff office, among the competitors or at least within the audience.

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