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Mtech is an innovative digital solutions provider specialised in business development and farming software. We are a reliable partner known for our innovation ability, excellent service and profound understanding of customers' needs and operating areas. We have access to all the information and tools required for modern software development, project management and ICT solutions.

Our customers include companies, organisations and regulatory authorities. Our IT solutions are applicable to various industries. For example, we have implemented solutions for logistics, route optimisation, work counselling and plant production, as well as systems for the registration, welfare, health, breeding and feeding of animals.

We systematically expand our operations and offer a competitive alternative also for operators outside Finland.

You tell us what you want and we will create a solution.


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  • We develop multifaceted IT solutions for our customers using modern methods and tools. The solutions can be individual services, such as mobile services, or extensive information systems, such as order processing, route optimisation and workload distribution systems.

    We can also provide software and information system management, data centre operations and end user customer support when necessary. We are strongly involved in the development of the Internet of Things using the latest technologies in cooperation with our partners.

    Contact us! Together we will find the right solution for your business development.



    MinunMaatilani (My Farm), a software solution for farms
    Sikava and Naseva / Animal Health ETT, health care systems for production animals
    WebSampo / Saga Furs Plc, a management system for fur farming
    FabaUpo, an order receipt application for artificial insemination
    WebWisu, a crop planning software tool
    Reittioptimointi, a route optimisation tool that calculates routes for 150 seminologists and 2,000 farms every day

    • Microsoft .NET
    • C#/ASP.NET
    • ASP.NET
    • MVC
    • WebApi
    • WPF
    • Java
    • PHP
    • C++
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    • MS SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB

    Most of our developers have a Microsoft certificate, e.g. MCSD and MCPD.

  • Massive single-supplier information systems do not represent the present day. Today, almost all organisations use several different software products and solutions in their operations. More and more data is continuously available from many sources.

    Seamless communication between these systems remarkably increases the efficiency of business processes, frees up human resources to important tasks and creates competitive advantage.

    Our data centre has long-term experience in the integration of various types and sizes of systems for different purposes. Our expertise ranges from processing of event data of individual equipment automation systems to integrations between large enterprise resource planning systems with massive data amounts.



    Sikava and Naseva / Animal Health ETT, health care systems for production animals
    A-Nettilink, registration of animal transactions
    Viking Bull, a Nordic network application for cattle breeding
    NCDX, a Nordic data transfer service for cattle farms
    WebWisu, a crop planning software tool
    Navision, integration of ERP systems with an invoicing programme interface

    • SOA Webservices
    • WCF REST
    • Flat file
    • ASP.NET
    • WebApi


  • Mobile services have become increasingly important in daily business activities. Easy-to-use mobile services save time. They can replace various forms and reports opening up possibilities for doing things faster, more effectively, more efficiently, and more conveniently. We help our customers develop mobile solutions that advance their businesses. Our target is to ensure good usability and customer-oriented implementation.


    MobiWisu, a crop planning software tool
    MobiRaksu, structural assessment of cattle
    Fabakutsu, an online ordering tool for artificial insemination (HTML5)
    WebSampoApp / a fur farming management system
    Nordic Classification, a Nordic cattle classification system


    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • PhoneGap
    • Cordova iOS (iPhone, iPad)
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • positioning and map solutions (GIS)

  • We carry out customer deliveries with agility from service configuration to implementation, deployment and management. According to the customer's needs, the service also includes equipment and data centre operations, as well as customer service. When desired, we implement the solutions as turnkey deliveries.

    Successful project deliveries are ensured by our experienced and highly qualified project managers. Project workflows developed in cooperation with people representing the top expertise in the area of project management guarantee efficient methods and procedures that are best suited to each customer project.

    The customer will also benefit from our product platforms developed during our long history of system development. With these, we can ensure fast and cost-efficient product development and maximum customer benefits.


    MinunMaatilani (My Farm), a software solution for farms
    Sikava and Naseva / Animal Health ETT, health care systems for production animals
    WebSampo / Saga Furs Plc, a fur farming management system
    Nautarekisteri (cattle register) / Evira, regulatory registration services
    KarjaKompassi, a software tool for cattle farm production planning and monitoring
    Reittioptimointi, a route optimisation tool that calculates routes for 150 seminologists and 2,000 farms every day
    Viking Bull, a Nordic network application for cattle breeding
    FabaUpo, an online order receipt tool for artificial insemination
    NCDX, a Nordic data transfer service for cattle farms

    We have received a lot of positive feedback on our agile software development model. We develop software applications in close cooperation with the users working in teams, which we call customer juries.

    In this way, customers can test the software and give feedback on it starting from the initial prototype. Experience with development stage versions accelerates the introduction and deployment of the software. This procedure ensures that the customer receives a high-quality software product, tailored to their individual needs.


  • We offer our customers knowhow in all of the areas of quality assurance including testing, planning and management of test cases, conduction of tests, automated testing and reporting. We implement quality assurance procedures commensurate with each customer's requirements. Possibilities range from the work input of an individual tester to a complete service.

    We develop the quality assurance process and test methods in accordance with the customer's needs. If desired, the customer can obtain real-time information about each stage of the software development process. Our testing and quality assurance experts are certified professionals holding, at a minimum, the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation certificate. Our auditing services include, among others, system quality and maturity analyses.

    Further information on our customer-oriented testing approach during the development of the FabaUpo software.

    • Atlassian Jira
    • HP Quality Center
    • HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QTP)
    • HP LoadRunner
    • MS SQL Server Management Studio
    • SoapUI
    • MS Test and NUnit
    • Selenium and Robot Framework

  • Data centre services

    We provide a safe data centre and device management for our customers' systems. This can be implemented by transferring the customer's devices to our data centre or by acquiring required capacity from our fault tolerant virtual server environment. Data centre services are also available as a comprehensive service including management, monitoring and backup services tailored to the customer's needs.

    Microcomputer support services

    Our microcomputer support service covers all of your equipment and software, as well as the related support requests. Support requests are replied to either via a remote connection or during a site visit.

    Cloud services

    We offer all-inclusive cloud services. We provide management and support commensurate with each customer's needs.

    Examples of our cloud services:

    Office 365
    Exchange Online
    Azure AD

    Examples of services provided to our customers:
    • Exchange email
    • Anti spam and antivirus
    • Active Directory management
    • Citrix remote access
    • VPN remote connection
    • Microsoft SQL Server management
    • Windows and Linux server management
    • data communication services: firewalls, switches, WLAN networks
    • server virtualisation environments: VMware and Hyper-V


Read what our customers have to say!

  • Mtech has been a very good partner in our project VikingBull. The knowledge they have about our business has been one of the key’s for success. The system was delivered on time and worked as we expected.

    Anders Carlsson, IT manager, VikingGenetics

  • Delivery reliability, data security and flexibility are the key properties that Farmit expects from services and operations of its IT partners. Mtech's data centre services have perfectly met our criteria since the summer 2015. IT services provided by Mtech create a seamless continuum in our years-long cooperation in the area of communication related to the portal.

    Mikko Mielikäinen, managing director, Farmit Website Oy

  • Mtech has been our partner for many years and is well known to hundreds of fur producers in Finland and Norway. WebSampo, a breeding software tool for fur farms introduced in 2013 is continuously further developed. One of the important reasons for selecting Mtech as our partner was that, in addition to their IT skills, they also have special expertise in information systems for agriculture, food economy and animal culture. In calculation of breeding indices, Mtech is in a class of its own!

    Sonja Gerke, breeding expert, Saga Furs Oyj