Your herd. Simply smarter.

Your herd. Simply smarter.


SimplyCow is an easy-to-use mobile herd management and animal recording tool for farmers, and a foundation for an integral herd data ecosystem. With SimplyCow, your herd stays on track.


For those setting up a new animal recording system, SimplyCow offers an easy way to start. Empower your breeders to take care of their herd data for your mutual benefit. You can manage breeder accounts, enter herd data, see statistics, and start building your efficient livestock data ecosystem.

For established animal recording systems, SimplyCow offers a mobile, easy-to-use herd management and recording app. It focuses on the essentials, and allows the breeders to take care of their herd data, irrespective of herd size. It transfers data to and from your system over an ICAR-standard interface.

For breeders, SimplyCow gives the essential tools for managing your herd. You will see which cows need your attention, and easily record whatever steps you take with them. Please look below for some of the features of this app.

Task lists

Make use of the SimplyCow task lists. Let the colours related to the cow’s reproductive cycle guide you around in the app. Set up your own tasks, and use them for your recurring farm routines like vaccinations, deworming etc.

Production recording

Utilise the production recording function. Record milk weights and match vial numbers to each of them. The app will calculate the 24-hour milk yields for each cow. Live weight recording cannot be any simpler either!

Insemination and semen recording

Record artificial insemination and natural mating events to keep track of the parentage of your calves. There is a semen storage function to follow up on your AI sires.

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