ProAika: Mobile working time app for simple farm management

Long-term continuous monitoring of working hours with ProAika mobile application provides information for management and supports decision making.

The information ProAika collects is helpful when you want to

  • identify development targets and develop processes
  • outline the total working time used
  • identify waste of time
  • develop a specific process
  • ProAika can be easily customised to suit the needs of users own company, as user can add his/her own tasks in addition to the default tasks.

    The application suits different farm sizes and different stages of development, as the entrepreneur can decide for themself how closely they want to monitor the use of working time.

    Before starting a task, user selects it in the mobile application, and starts timing. After completing the job, user switches the timing off. An easy-to-use application lowers the threshold for recording tasks started and completed. Employers can use the reports generated from these records, for example, as a basis for payslip calculations or production cost analysis.

    Farmers can use comprehensive reports to analyse how much time employees spend on different tasks. Some of the reports are provided by the My Farm software, of which ProAika is a part. Result analysis uses the data to help to develop more efficient work routines. The data recorded in ProAika improves the reliability of financial calculations, as the estimated working time is based on actual records.

    ProAika is an application developed and implemented together by Mtech and ProAgria.