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Securing your data

Efficient and secure information technology is the foundation of every successful business. We offer extensive IT services, including hosting, cloud services, consultation and IT support.

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Hosting services

The hosting service means that we take care of the administration and functionality of your server environment on your behalf.

Backup services

Nexetic Shield Backup protects your data, including those not stored in a cloud.

Microsoft 365 cloud service

Microsoft 365 cloud service helps you use and edit data anywhere, on any device.

IT services to meet your needs

Mtech’s IT services are not limited to simply transferring ready-made packages; we also provide comprehensive services and customised software solutions.

Assembling comprehensive IT services can prevent accidents that may result in the permanent loss of data or be very costly to rectify after they have happened.

Mtech’s extensive experience means we are also confident in maintaining IT environments built by other providers and helping to improve and develop them.