IT audit

Knowing the present condition is the start of development

In an IT audit, our experts go through the current state of your company’s central applications and create guidelines for how to develop them.

An IT audit is the first step in developing cohesive information systems in a company.

System architecture is the collective company software that is built over the years, often without planning. In the audit we examine reliability of those systems and how to make a cost-effective, uniform and easy-to-develop entity which serves your business needs better.

With the assistance of our experts you will then take over, assured of reliability and the development trend of your IT infrastructure. Getting an audit and implementing the changes will bring you cost savings, minimize risks and accelerate your business.

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Download our guide to using IT audit as a part of business risk management

An IT audit led to a highly valuable platform renewal

The platform renewal gave NorFor many advantages, including improved performance and security, easier integration of clients to modern web interfaces, maintenance cost savings, and safer and easier software development. After the audit, it was clear that the platform renewal was necessary.

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