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Collecting quality data from various sources and using it in different services is a smart choice to make. Data drives some of today’s smartest business choices. With the right information you can smooth out processes, make better decisions and work seamlessly with global partners.

Transferring data between systems, or data integration, is a very important aspect of information systems procurement. This important aspect needs to be taken into consideration right from the start of the planning and design stage. Disregarding it will lead to expensive surprises down the road. Information and data need to be exchanged seamlessly between different systems such as accounting, customer account management and payroll. Collaborations between organizations are also examples of situations where separate systems need to be integrated and speak the same language.

Integrations are often the best solution when a huge amount of milk recording or animal registration data needs to be exchanged between systems. The same conclusion applies when handling breeding data for evaluation or visualisation.

Integration solutions put data in a consistent format and make it easy for systems and users to use. It saves IT expenses, frees up employee time and improves the quality of data. Whether you need to connect systems through interfaces or integrate data in a single database, our experts can choose and implement the most effective solution for you.

Digital integration creates drive for business renewal and growth. It is an area where digital capabilities are put to the test. In Mtech, we are familiar with these challenges and we have effective solutions for them.

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Mtech toteuttaa järjestelmän, joka yksinkertaistaa lypsykarjatalouden tiedonsiirron ympäri maailman
Mtech toteuttaa järjestelmän, joka yksinkertaistaa lypsykarjatalouden tiedonsiirron ympäri maailman

Mtech is implementing a system that simplifies dairy cattle data exchange around the world

Our digital team are responsible for the technical implementation of a service that will unify data exchange between milk recording systems and milking parlours and robot manufacturers in more than 200,000 herds with 20 million dairy cows around the globe for iDDEN (Dairy Data Exchange Network). 

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All about cattle health in one system

The cattle farm healthcare system Naseva was developed into a network of interfaces, bringing data from different systems into one service.

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