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What if you could improve the quality of your product with data or a well-designed web app? Or if your customers could run all their operations from a mobile device? We have all the necessary tools you need to digitalise your dairy and food production business, from simple mobile applications to complex data ecosystems.

We have a long history in providing leading farm management systems to farmers and cooperating with advisory services in Finland. We have a unique combination of technological expertise and insights of the agriculture and food supply chain.

We provide the know-how and means to digitise your business and save costs, improving customer experience, facilitating work, and increasing productivity.

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Food supply chain digitalisation
Food supply chain digitalisation

Food supply chain digitalisation

Streamlining food production provides a range of benefits from financial to ecological advantages by increasing production, reducing waste and improving traceability.

Digital business development

Whether you are looking to develop an IT solution or to digitalise your business, our specialists are there for you.

Robotic process automation

Does your company spend too much time on simple, routine tasks, such as transferring numeric data from one table to another? Robotic process automation is the answer.