Data warehouses and master data

Put your fragmented data to good use

Data warehousing and master data solutions gather information for use in business decision making.

Doing business today creates tremendous amounts of data that is often fragmented across the operating databases of various digital systems. This makes it close to impossible to take full advantage of the existing data in developing the business. Our data management experts can solve this challenge by consolidating fragmented data from operating databases into a single data storage. It then serves as the foundation for building reporting and analytics that reflect the need of management dashboards to provide an overall picture of your business performance.

Master Data Management (MDM) is a common starting point for bringing an organisation’s key data under control and harnessing it to support more effective business management. Our master data solutions automate the collection of your company’s key factor data and help you incorporate up-to-date control data into effective resource planning and decision making.

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A single data warehouse for reporting

Together with the financial management company ProEventus, we implemented a cloud-based financial management reporting solution, which was used to collect data distributed in several different systems of ProEventus’ customer organisations into a single data warehouse. The business-driven PowerBi reporting solution is based on a data warehouse in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The reporting solution is used by ProEventus and its customer organisations. Thanks to the generic nature and scalability of the solution, adding new data sources and customer businesses is easy.