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Our BI and reporting solutions help you collect, manage and analyse data to support your business decisions.


Our business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions collect data and refine it to make it easy to see trends and changes proactively. When the data in your business is expressed in the form of visual charts and performance indicators instead of a jumble of numbers, you can make use of relevant information in your decision making in a consistent manner.

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A single data warehouse for reporting

Together with the financial management company ProEventus, we implemented a cloud-based financial management reporting solution, which was used to collect data distributed in several different systems of ProEventus’ customer organisations into a single data warehouse. The business-driven PowerBi reporting solution is based on a data warehouse in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The reporting solution is used by ProEventus and its customer organisations. Thanks to the generic nature and scalability of the solution, adding new data sources and customer businesses is easy.

Innovative online service visualises genetic progress

NAV Trends creates opportunities to study the genetic trends in dairy breeds. Nordic livestock breeding figures are based on thousands of animals, various trait scores and lots of calculations. Mtech developed an online service for their client Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation (NAV).