Top-notch food safety with digital technology

Finland is one of the top countries when it comes to food safety and traceability. What makes the Nordic digital dairy ecosystem so successful, and what could you learn from it?   

The global food supply chain is going through a massive change. Global warming is putting food production under a new kind of stress. At the same time, consumers are demanding food that’s safe, sustainable, and traceable. What is the food industry’s answer to this?

Nordic Dairy IT Ecosystem sets examples globally

A digital ecosystem around the dairy sector is the precondition for meeting the challenges of modern food production. The Nordic Dairy IT Ecosystem is a global success story. It’s built around the smart use of data and collaboration between different stakeholders in the food chain.

“Secure food production needs a lot of data: on animal health, breeding, logistics and so on”, says Jarkko Ilomäki, CTO at Mtech.

“Our technologies collect and utilise all existing data, which enables better collaboration between the professionals within the ecosystem”, Ilomäki continues.

Competitive edge through digital technologies

One of the top products in the ecosystem is the Nordic Classification App, used by cattle classifiers in the Nordic countries. Mobile scoring speeds up the classifiers’ work, reduces errors, and calculates totals immediately. The app was specifically tailored to meet the needs of the breeding organisations of the four Nordic countries to enhance the quality of dairy and beef cattle.

Another revolutionary app, the NasevaHealthApp, enables the safe use of antibiotics. It allows healthcare professionals to access health registers from a mobile device, making the work more efficient and improving animal health at the same time.

“The global food supply chain needs digital technologies to respond to various challenges”, says Patrik Nordgren, Director of Global Customer Solutions at Mtech. “The success of the Nordic Dairy IT Ecosystem shows that with the right technologies, you can increase the traceability, safety, and sustainability of the food supply chain, and gain a competitive edge at the same time.”

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