Olesja Huopolainen, Lead Developer – Customer Solutions Global

How and when did you end up at Mtech?

I applied for this position when my husband told me that there was a vacant position as a software developer in Mtech. I came to the interview and got this opportunity. Now it has been 6 years already that I have become part of Mtech.

I still remember that during the interview, I was asked about the source of my information about the vacant position. I told that I got it from Anton for which the interviewer asked me how I knew Anton. It was quite funny. Since we have different surnames, it took some time before many people in Mtech knew that we are husband and wife. We were also working in different places and for different projects at that time, at some point even in separate buildings.

What do you do here?

I joined this company as a software engineer but currently I am a lead developer. My work is more related to Nordic customers, especially from Denmark and Sweden.  I am involved in development of software applications designed to manage breeding and genetics data.

What is your normal day like?

I mostly spend my working days in front of a computer. I attend very few meetings and many of them are also handled via Skype or WebEx. I have a kind of freedom to complete my tasks. I can work from both home or the office. There is also some flexibility with working hours here in Mtech.

What kind of things excite you at work?

I am really happy when the customer gives me positive feedback. Usually the reason is that I meet their expectations or solve their problems.

It has also been exciting to work together with my husband in the same team, which is a new development. Contrary to most people’s opinion, I feel great about it and it feels good that we can share a ride to the office, have our lunches together and discuss our projects. Besides, the entire team in Mtech is very nice and it really is a great working environment.

Nicest memories related to Mtech?

Mtech is really a great company to work for. It organises different programs for its employees where they can participate in unique experiences such as kayaking and fatbike riding. It provides so many options to choose from. Another great thing about Mtech is pre-Christmas parties organised every year. We get to meet and know people that we cannot meet in our daily lives here. In general, working in Mtech is great and excites us in a very different level.

What do you do when you are free?

I live with my husband, two kids and a dog. Besides helping my kids with their homework, I usually spend time preparing food and doing other housework. I used to ride horses, but these days I am more into dog sports and dog shows and they consume most of my free time. I got into this hobby when my kids wanted to have a pet and then I decided to get one. I had myself wanted a dog since childhood.

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