Anton Hokkonen, Software Architect /Tech Lead – Customer Solutions Global

How and when did you end up at Mtech?

After graduation, I started applying for a real technical job. Mtech was one of the first places that I applied to and I was lucky to be invited to an interview. I did not have high expectations until I came to know that Mtech was actually a very interesting IT company. This knowledge increased my interest in Mtech, and I hoped that I get the job. My interview went well, and I was offered a position as a junior developer. I started working in Mtech in August 2008. Now I have a successful history of over 11 years in Mtech.

What do you do here?

Having a strong technical background and long work history as a developer in different positions, I am still involved in architectural solutions, coding and providing technical expertise to different teams and projects. Since technology runs in my blood, I am always excited to do that.

What is your normal day like?

Depending on the priorities and tasks, my working days at Mtech are different. Sometimes they are normal and sometimes they are chaotic with loads of tasks to handle at the same time. Flexibility is an important requirement in my job. Normal working days include meetings and consulting with projects and teams where I offer my expertise.

What kind of things excite you at work?

I love to engage in discussions with people, finding solutions and coming up with ideas. Projects that have lots of design and architecture interest me a lot. It is satisfying to reach a consensus on new solutions and design implementations.

What is your nicest memory related to Mtech?

I have always enjoyed working at Mtech. I like working with nice and talented people and I find the company community very friendly and supportive. There are so many warm memories that I can cherish that I cannot really come up with a specific one. In general, the days in Mtech are memorable.

What do you do on your free time?

I am a person who likes to engage in sport activities. Hockey is my passion and when time permits I also exercise in a gym. I spend a lot of time with my family: my wife, two kids and a dog.

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