Webinar: Future of data integration in agriculture and food production

This seminar’s discussion will involve the future data infrastructure and data transfer changes faced by agriculture and food production. Where are we now, and what could be different when and if Gaia-X is used?

The Gaia-X project will build a decentralised data infrastructure solution to build an international and open solution that covers at least the EU. Mtech is an active participant in the European joint project Gaia-X.

The webinar will be held by our CTO, COO Jarkko Ilomäki.

The webinar has been successfully held. Thank you for attending the webinar! You can find the questions and answers concerning the webinar.

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Future of data integration in agriculture and food production

Date: 27.04.2022 Time: 15:00 (EET)

About the presenters

Image of: Jarkko Ilomäki

Jarkko Ilomäki

Mtech Digital Solutions

Jarkko has twenty years of expertise in various software development positions within the agriculture sector. Milk recording, animal breeding and AI have been his focus areas, and currently, he drives the ICT efforts for these areas in Finland and abroad.