New strategy: Centered Around Transforming the Food System and Productising Solutions

Centered Around Transforming the Food System and Productising Solutions

In 2023, Mtech Digital Solutions reviewed and updated its strategy. This participatory process, supported by an external consultant, included a comprehensive scenario analysis of the external market environment for 2025 and 2030. The process yielded a renewed strategic definition of our market, key strategic programs, and an increased focus on serving our B2B customers.

Market Definition: Extended Farm-to-Fork System

A fundamental part of the work was developing a clear definition of the market area in which we aim to compete and serve our customers. Our market definition encompasses the extended farm-to-fork system, including product and solution providers for farmers (such as finance, insurance, and fertilizer suppliers), the farmers themselves, farm advisory and service organisations, buyers of farm production (food industry), and the food retail and HORECA sector.

Key Market Assumption: Broad Transformation Towards Sustainability

The global food system, a significant contributor to climate change, biodiversity losses, and other environmental impacts, identifies farm-level production processes as a key area for change.

It’s crucial to understand that while transformation at the farm level is essential, farmers should not bear this burden alone.

The next ten years will be critical, requiring a united effort of all market participants to provide support and resources to farmers. This collective approach is necessary to transition towards more sustainable practices, ensuring that the shift to sustainability is both effective and equitable for the whole food system.

Development of agricultural processes and businesses is impacted by subsidies, agricultural policies, sector fragmentation, trade barriers, and other factors.

Standardisation of processes lags behind most other industrial sectors, slowing the digitalisation of agriculture.

The need for new innovations is especially related to commercial models and business concepts in the sector, rather than new technological innovations.

Cost Efficiency Requirements and Need for Improved Services Drive Productisation

To ensure our competitiveness in a highly competitive market, we need to continuously increase productivity and reduce waste in all processes.

Simultaneously, there is a continuing need to improve customer experience and support. We focus on the productisation of our solution portfolio, enabling us to offer quality services with the highest cost efficiency possible.

Productised solutions are designed to optimise agricultural processes, increase productivity, and enhance environmental efficiency.

These solutions are mainly based on the Minun Maatilani platform.

Mtech Productivity System is designed to manage and optimise farming. It includes popular brands like Minun Maatilani Wisu, Minun Maatilani Nauta, and Wakka, offering an excellent user experience and enabling efficient planning, documentation, and monitoring.

Mtech Supply Chain Integrator is an integration solution built on the Minun Maatilani platform. It provides farmers and their commercial partners a simple and scalable way to integrate agricultural producers with suppliers or buyers of products and services. An example use case of this solution is the delivery of EUDR due diligence statements required by authorities.

Solution provides a secure and fast data exchange, and always requires the authorisation from the farmer before transferring any data.

Mtech Core System fulfills the needs of various food system actors’ mission-critical structures for digital services. Customers often include industry associations or public organisations.

Business Based on Strong Position in Serving Farmers, and Growth in the B2B Markets

The new strategy enables Mtech to maintain its position in the business-to-farmer segment and build new business with an increased focus on the B2B markets. We serve customers globally, with more focused efforts in Finland and the Nordics.

Our unique value proposition combines subject matter know-how gained over the last decades in the sector with an existing, high-capacity software development and delivery organisation.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.