Full scale logistics software

Biosirk gained 25% improvement in logistics efficiency with route optimisation services

The Norwegian company Biosirk Norge AS handles cadaver collection. “The starting point was that our logistics and cadaver collection was outsourced to transport companies, and we did not have control over the logistics operations and planning. We studied the available solutions and came to the conclusion that the Neviso ABP Logistics Software from Finland best suited needs. During the last three years also the functionality for slaughterhouses has been developed and implemented”, says Biosirk’s Logistics Manager Ståle Vangskåsen.

Solutions for the customer’s needs

The Neviso ABP Logistics Software had many components that were suitable for customer need. Solutions and tailor-made add-ons were also implemented to complete the digital process handling.

“In general, the original logistic software met our needs, but significant additional functionality has been made specially for us: slaughterhouse by-product collection, factory reception, reporting and invoicing.”, Vangskåsen says.

“We want to have a fluent daily flow for the customers processes and the material handling. Logistics is mainly having the real time information at hand and having the capability to plan, control and react to changes. Having the best fit with the process and the supporting solution enables the people to concentrate on the value adding tasks”, states Antti Laukkonen Director, Finland at Mtech Digital Solutions.

Full control over the whole logistics chain

The application contains a full route optimisation service integrated into the logistics planning. The solution contains on-the-road applications for truck drivers to handle the collection plan of the pickup orders. Thanks to this, truck drivers receive planned routes in real time / online and also the cadaver collection process can be monitored online. It also enables optimising their logistic structure and daily logistic operations.

Customer service improves when order handling and collection schedules are visible to farmers, companies and slaughterhouses.

Biosirk gained 25% improvement in logistics efficiency with route optimisation services.

Significant cost reduction and improved efficiency

Logistics software brings savings and better control. “Implementing the software solution has been a success for Biosirk, with significant cost reduction and efficiency enabling us to optimise our logistics structure improved”, tells Vangskåsen.

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