Employee benefits

Mtech has extensive and REALLY good employee benefits. Read more about them here!

We offer all Mtech employees at our offices:

Lunch benefit
Phone benefit
Coffee and tea
Specialist occupational health and dentist
Exercise vouchers
Flexible working hours
Comprehensive accident insurance extended to cover leisure time
The possibility to work remotely
Mtech parties
Employee clubs
Training and e-learning

Team spirit and a counterbalance to work

Mtech’s recreational activities are meant for everyone working at Mtech. The recreational committee is responsible for recreational activities, brainstorming new ideas and arranging activities. Any Mtech employee can join the committee. For years, the committee has organised a wide range of fun activities, ranging from a trip to Riga for the entire company to recreational afternoons for smaller groups. The most important thing is to spend time together and let go of work for a while.

Something for everyone

The recreational committee brainstorms a wide range of events and usually involves sports and physical activities, cultural events and relaxed socialising, not forgetting good food. This year, Mtech employees have visited a craft brewery, gone on a fishing trip, played virtual games and learnt the basics of golf, to name just a few examples. The recreational committee suggests ways to spend free time that you perhaps would not have tried out otherwise.

Ongoing programme

Badminton players are welcome to gather at Mtech’s own badminton games twice per week. Players of all levels from beginner to pro are welcome. In previous years, employees burnt off their excess energy playing floorball.

Employee clubs

Mtech supports employee clubs: you can organise almost anything as long as it finds enough interest among colleagues. Mtech employees currently run photography and board game clubs, for example.

Mtech safeguards its employees

Don’t worry about experimenting with new activities, as Mtech has taken out comprehensive accident insurance for all of its employees, and it also covers leisure time.