Using global standards to create a sustainable food chain

How to better meet your organisation’s sustainability goals when operating in the food chain?

“Digitalisation is one of the most significant keys to achieving sustainable food production,”

says Jarkko Ilomäki, COO & CTO at Mtech Digital Solutions – in Finland, which has secured a reputation as the leading food supply chain digiter in the Nordics.

Powerful tools

One of today’s greatest challenges is sustainable food production. Planetary boundaries are a hard and universal challenge for humankind.

Using global standards to integrate data is crucial to secure the food system’s sustainable development.

“The international GS1 standards enable transparent and efficient data management to integrate agriculture with other food industry systems. This is why we want to use international standardisation. For example, we are developing our farming systems to calculate field block-specific environmental impacts,” says Jarkko Ilomäki.

Mtech joined, as the first Finnish company, AgGateway, to develop standardisation in the digital farming sector. AgGateway is an international organisation whose 200 members tackle digital challenges in agriculture and other related industries across national borders. This gives Mtech an excellent opportunity to be involved in the development of standardisation and implementation of agriculture digitalisation, together with a competent global network.

Mtech is known for working with IT integrations in the food supply chain, providing powerful software tools that process massive amounts of data and bring out from it relevant information.

Technological power and holistic expertise in the food chain

Mtech offers a unique combination of technological power and holistic expertise in the food supply chain. We provide excellence in creating smart solutions to digitalise your business.

“We can help both technologically and practically. We have the most unique, decades of experience in the food chain, combined with top-class digital expertise. We have learned to implement new solutions globally,” says Jarkko Ilomäki.

“We also want to remain pioneers in food chain development. Thus, we are actively working with the GS1 organisation on global standards to help their usage in the farms for sustainable food production.” Ilomäki concludes.

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