Mtech joins AgGateway to develop standardisation in the digital farming sector

In June, Mtech became a member of the global AgGateway as the first Finnish organisation to do so. AgGateway is an international organisation providing its 200 members with a forum for tackling digital challenges that concern agriculture and other related industries across national borders. The member companies extensively represent the agriculture industry, from equipment and fertiliser manufacturers to information service companies.

AgGateway’s mission is to develop digitalisation standards to make agriculture data management easier among the key commercial and industrial operators, making it possible to bring development work to the market as fast as possible.

“The membership provides Mtech with an excellent opportunity to be involved in the development of standardisation and implementation of agriculture digitalisation, together with a competent global network. In Finland, we want to be among the pioneers in this development and are working actively with the GS1 organisation around the theme of standardisation,” explains Mikko Jääskeläinen, Chief Innovation Officer at Mtech.

”In the global network, our goal is to ensure that we follow the latest developments in the industry and the entire food system . Bringing the best practices to our customers in Finland is important to us. AgGateway’s development work is carried out in carefully defined projects. Currently, there are projects related to batch products and crop traceability, data sharing, the standardisation of soil analysis methods and agriculture sales warehouse bookkeeping, among other things,” continues Jääskeläinen.

AgGateway operates globally in close cooperation with other notable international standardisation organisations: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), GS1, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGi) and Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation AEF..