Terhi Reinikainen, chief operator

How and when did you find your way to Mtech?

I joined the Agricultural Data Processing Centre team in 1997, in a somewhat unusual way. I was not looking for a job as I was on maternity leave. A friend of mine called me and asked if I am interested to join the “Laskis” mailing team. The friend’s father was working at “Laskis” and had inquired if she knew anyone who was looking for a job.

My career started from a landline call.

The following summer, I began another maternity leave on which I had planned to stay at home taking care of the children for at least three years. However, I did miss the work community. As a godsend, the phone rang: “We would have a job for an operator, will you come to work?” After consulting with my husband, we decided I should return to work with a new team and new challenges.

How has your career with Mtech been so far?

First, I worked as an operator, and since 2006 my job title has been chief operator. My daily tasks include batch management, printing and invoicing. I am also a member of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, and have been involved in the Recreational committee in several decades.

As a long-time employee familiar with company history, I have had the pleasure of taking care of the most various practical tasks. I work as a liaison with the property maintenance company and the company that provides cleaning services to us, and I take care of a number of other day-to-day matters. I feel like I am our company handyman.

What has changed during this time?

When I started, I was the 40th employee of the Agricultural Data Processing Centre. During the Mainframe era, the operators worked in two shifts. Nowadays, all work can be completed during the day shift.

During self-isolation, we have been able to work from home. We take our team’s daily coffee break together online or at the office.

The company has grown, has more than a hundred employees and we have grown international.

We got a new name, Mtech, and the winds of change started blowing. Paraphrasing our company chronicle,”from punched strips to the digital era”.

What is best at Mtech?

Colleagues, interesting tasks and good team spirit. Here, you can feel good and at home.

What do you do on your free time?

This is the first year I have my own free time. Until now, I have been at the rink busy with women’s ice hockey or ringette, for example as a team leader.

Swimming is dear to my heart. When a swimming pool was built in Tuusula, I went there for a technique course and joined the Masters group in the local swimming club. Today, I swim for fun, exercise outdoors, and most recently I have been testing the Red Bull 400 uphill running event after a friend of mine asked me. I enjoy gardening and good food.