Webinar: System level change in food – changes from farm to fork

This webinar is organized by four close partners: Mtech, Yara, HKScan, and GS1 Finland. These partners want to share their views on the importance of collaboration, and what’s ahead in the food system.

The topics will cover the strive for net zero food chain: digitalisation and the importance of collaboration in the sector, participation of actors in the entire chain in reducing environmental impacts and driving towards resource-efficient primary production and GS1 enabling traceability of food.

Topics of the webinar

Mtech’s view of the future needs and demands in the digitalisation of the extended food chain
What are the key drivers? The importance of collaboration, data and digitalisation.
Mikko Jääskeläinen, Chief Innovation Officer at Mtech

Mtech On-Farm solutions the connection to environmental calculation
Requirements on managing a modern farm today. The need of On-line services managing farm-related data efficiently and using data seamlessly from farming machinery. Environmental aspects and needs and the GS1 keys in Mtech´s solutions.
Mikko Hakojärvi, Deputy Director, Farm management software at Mtech

Yara’s role in driving toward carbon neutrality – how crop nutrition can decrease the environmental impact of feed production and increase economical resilience
Climate smart crop nutrition programs. Carbon neutrality targets. Resource-efficient crop production.
Mervi Seppänen, Senior Development Agronomist, Grasslands at Yara Ltd

HKScan’s push for system change in the food chain and its drivers
The Zero Carpon program and the importance of partnerships. Drivers behind the Zero Carbon program.
Ulf Jahnsson, Vice President, Sustainable Primary Production at HKScan Corporate

The impact of standardization in the food chain and the role of GS1
Why GS1? GS1 keys to developing traceability in the supply chain. GS1 progress in the Finnish food system and ongoing projects.
Jukka Kehusmaa, CEO at GS1 Finland

The webinar has been successfully held. Thank you for attending the webinar! You can find the questions and answers concerning the webinar.

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