System level change in food – Q&A

Are you interested in System level change in food? Please take a look at our answers to some questions about this topic. The questions and answers are linked to our webinar “System level change in food – changes from farm to fork” September 14th.


Question to Ulf Jahnsson, VP HKScan:

Are consumers in the market willing to pay for this service (traceability of food from farm to consumers)?

Yes, both I and everyone at HKScan think so, but let’s be honest and say that the first contributors will be the investors and financiers that pay for these measures. The consumers will join later, and we as a company must design this service in relation to the investors and financial institutes.


Question to Jukka Kehusmaa, CEO GS1 Finland:

How expensive or ’cheap’ is data storage in regard to traceability data, for instance, traceability data of (agri) food products? Operators tend to say that digital storage of food batch traceability data of food is expensive. In Finland, such a data is stored for one to two years.

Yes, of course, data storage should be as cheap as possible. By storing data together instead of doing it in each and every organisation would save a lot of money. However, when implementing identity keys, one needs to align the internal processes, and that is the biggest change needed. The process changes and the data storage costs will be estimated in the upcoming project.