Mtech has signed an important partnership and project contract with Växa Sverige

Mtech from Finland has made a substantial export deal and agreement with Växa Sverige from Sweden. The agreement includes an extensive partnership agreement on developing software together, on a wider cooperation on ICT, and on delivery of the MyFarm platform developed by Mtech.

Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd., founded in 1986, is the leading supplier of software and digital solutions for bioeconomics in the Nordic countries. MyFarm is a production management system for cattle farms, published in Finland in 2016.

Växa Sverige is the biggest agricultural advisory organisation in Sweden, offering a variety of different services and products for the management and development of over 6,500 cattle farms. According to the CIO of Växa Armina Avanes, the deal gives Växa both a professional digital partner and a solution for the production management of cattle farms that has already been well received in Finland.

“The partnership agreement with Växa Sverige and the sale of the MyFarm platform show that Finland is a forerunner in the area of digital solutions for agriculture. In Finland, we have very advanced agricultural information systems and software compared to the whole Europe, and we are glad and proud to be able to export that knowhow. The partnership agreement also gives advantage to the Finnish cattle farmers. We have a very similar vision of digitalization with Växa Sverige. Our combined development resources and knowhow make it possible to respond to customer’s digital needs even better, and development can be done in a more efficient way to keep the prices affordable for the farmers, says the CEO of Mtech, Christian Jurvanen.

The partnership agreement with Växa Sverige and the deal are an important opening in the internationalisation of the Finnish agricultural data systems and it makes Mtech the most significant supplier of digital solutions for agriculture in the Nordic countries.

Additional information:

Mtech Digital Solutions Ltd
CEO Christian Jurvanen
+358 20 747 2309

Växa Sverige ek. för.
CIO Armina Avanes
+46 70 280 66 64