Mtech Digital Solutions and AGCO Finland make precision farming easy with wireless data transfer

In MyFarm Wisu, Finland’s most widely used crop production planning software, an agrirouter service will be introduced whose wireless data transfer between the office computer and the tractor task controller replaces the farmer’s memory stick.

With the agreement between Mtech Digital Solutions and AGCO Finland, Wisu will become the first Nordic crop production planning program to enable the transfer of task files to the tractor and reporting from the tractor to the crop production planning software wirelessly via the agrirouter service.

The introduction of the agrirouter service is part of the strategic cooperation between Mtech and AGCO Finland which focuses especially on the seamless cooperation between agricultural equipment and software.

“The digitalisation of agriculture is rapidly advancing and creating new opportunities for farmers. The cooperation between AGCO Finland and Mtech enables even better service for the customer and ensures that information flows seamlessly between the tractor and the crop production planning software. Through this cooperation, we can ensure that new technologies make the farmer’s busy daily life easier,” says Matti Kallio, Sales Director of AGCO Finland Ltd.

“It is great to be able to work together to develop improvements in a farmer’s daily life. Our cooperation will play an important role in this, and it is great that these issues can be developed between Finnish players,” says Christian Jurvanen, CEO of Mtech.

Close cooperation between the software manufacturers and farm machine manufacturer and dealer is a great opportunity for smart farming in Finland.

Traditionally, task files have been transferred from the crop production planning program to the tractor task controller using a memory stick. The strategic cooperation between Mtech and AGCO Finland will make precision farming significantly easier.

A farmer with the Wisu crop production planning software and the agrirouter service will in the coming growing season be able to wirelessly transfer data between Wisu and the task controller of his tractor. No more using the memory stick ensures data flow and makes a farmer’s daily life easier. The planned task can be transferred to the tractor at the touch of a button, and accordingly, the information about completing the task is immediately transferred to Wisu for use. This change makes the use of advanced functions in both equipment and software even more attractive.