Mtech delivers renewed mating plan software for VikingGenetics

VikMate is a web-based tool used on herd level to increase farm profits. The program uses Interbull and NAV indices combined with the herds own data as the basis of the mating plan. VikMate controls inbreeding and evaluates all sub-indices of NTM (Nordic Total Merit) when calculating the herds mating plan.

Viking Genetics’ distributors and farmers all over the world will use VikMate. The application will also be a key marketing tool for VikingGenetics semen. The new VikMate is the latest addition to VikingGenetics’ family of tools, which already includes VikRank-bull selection software implemented also by Mtech.

“We’re very proud to implement an important marketing tool for VikingGenetics’ global use. The co-operation with Viking Genetics’ project and steering group has been seamless due to our long history together. With agile implementation models and constant customer feedback we successfully finished the project both on schedule and in budget”, comments Jarkko Ilomäki, the Vice President of Mtech.

“During a thorough supplier selection process, the main reason for selecting Mtech as the supplier was ‘user experience’, ‘low project risk’ and ‘delivery time’. Despite a tough deadline, Mtech has been able to deliver according to specification and to the agreed deadline. We are very happy with both the process and the result including the project management handled by Mtech“, comments David S. Ravnkilde Head of Business Development, VikingGenetics.