Mtech delivers Dyrlæger & Ko a New Digital Animal Health Tool for Transforming Livestock Management

Dyrlæger & Ko, a respected professional animal health advisor and partner for Danish dairy farmers, and Mtech Digital Solutions oy, a leading technology provider in the food supply chain, have joined forces to develop a new animal health reporting and management solution. This new solution marks the beginning of innovative digital tools aimed at creating an efficient and user-friendly digital communication channel between veterinarians and dairy farmers on animal health status.

“We are honored that Dyrlæger & Ko in Denmark has entrusted Mtech Digital Solutions to develop their new digital tool for animal health reporting and management. Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that align with Dyrlæger & Ko’s vision of promoting healthy cattle and sustainable farming practices, says Patrik Nordgren Business Unit Director Global in Mtech.”

Dyrlæger & Ko CEO Rune Friis Kristensen expresses his optimism about the collaboration, stating, “We believe that our partnership with Mtech Digital Solutions will greatly benefit our veterinarians and farmers to elevate their livestock management. By harnessing efficient digital tools, we aim to offer our members unrivaled insights into animal health, and sustainable and successful dairy farming.”

About Dyrlæger & Ko:
Dyrlæger & Ko is a professional advisor and partner for farmers with ambitions and a belief that healthy cows and a healthy business go hand in hand. Our focus is to assist the farmer in optimizing the health of their herd – both economically and in a systematic manner. We base our advice and treatment on a documented and professional foundation. Dyrlæger & Ko consists of 27 veterinarian practices and nearly 140+ professional cattle veterinarians distributed throughout Denmark. We are present in nearly 1,800 herds with health advisory agreements and, in doing so, oversee more than 70% of the total dairy cattle population in Denmark.

About Mtech Digital Solutions:
Mtech Digital Solutions seamlessly combines technological innovation with holistic knowledge of the food supply chain. Mtech is committed to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions that provide businesses with a competitive edge. With a team of 140 talented professionals, Mtech serve over 100 leading companies in the food and agricultural sector, offering trusted technology business relationships for businesses looking to embrace the digital age.

The new digital solution holds great promise for the future of livestock health and management. It is dedicated to ensuring that farmers can thrive while providing the best care for their animals.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Patrik Nordgren
Director – Global
+358 41 731 3332