Farm management digitalisation – how Mtech does it

Digitalisation and new technologies facilitate resource allocation and effective data driven decision making on farms. Smart solutions support daily routines replacing manual, repetitive tasks that would otherwise take up our valuable time – this is farm management digitalisation!

Mtech is a globally recognised expert in information technologies for the innovative cattle husbandry, providing services from basic solutions to huge versatile data systems.

SimplyCow mobile app and MyFarm farm management solution are greatexamples of this. For those setting up an animal recording systems for the first time, SimplyCow offers an easy way to start. SimplyCow Admin tool can be used by organizations or countries that do not have existing cattle and milk recording systems, building new records from scratch to meet your needs.

For those who require more comprehensive systems or more versatile tools, SimplyCow can be integrated into the MyFarm platform, which is a fully customisable and tailor-made farm management solution and a part of a big food chain ecosystem.

Watch our video and you can see for yourself how Mtech does farm management digitalisation!