Hosting services

Effortless outsourced server hosting

The hosting service means that we take care of the administration and functionality of your server environment on your behalf.

We manage the hosting of your company’s servers and systems securely and professionally.

We offer reliable cloud service solutions, appropriate server room facilities, security updates, telecommunications, backups, automated surveillance with alerts and experienced customer service.

The scope of the service is tailored according to the customer’s needs. Our most comprehensive service is  turnkey delivery. This means that we manage the overall server hosting, including applications, and manage communications with application suppliers, if necessary.

Benefits of outsourcing your server hosting

  • The costs are known when signing the agreement
  •  Your company does not need to invest in hardware
  •  You are assisted by experts who speak
  • Your data is safe in the Mtech server room in Finland
  • You get a flexible and agile partner; the work of our experts is not slowed down or hindered by hierarchies

With us  customer can rest easy.


Flexible services for the changing needs of your company

As our customer, you do not need to invest in a server environment. Letting professionals manage your server environment and its security allows you to focus on your core business.

Have you ever considered what type of extinguishing system would be best for a server room? How to prepare for a blackout? Do you have UPS systems and an automated backup system? Are your backups and firewall updates in order? As our Customer, you do not need to worry about the safety and security of your servers. We will do it for you.

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Our partners include Fujitsu, Microsoft, VMware and F-Secure. We also offer a wide selection of hardware, software and other services.