Backup services

Remote backup protects your data

Nexetic Shield Backup protects your data, including those not stored in a cloud.

Backup copying for Office 365

Nexetic Shield Backup’s M365 service makes a backup copy of the data in your company’s Office services. User errors may result in lost cloud data. Backup copying enables you to recover lost data.

Nexetic offers backups of:

  • M365 e-mail
  • OneDrive content
  • Contact information
  • Calendar entries
  • SharePoint data

You have access to complete version history. The data can be recovered by your company’s designated Office admin or Mtech’s IT support.

We offer 50 GB of backup space per user. Additional space is available up to one terabyte.

Nexetic Shield Backup

Nexetic Shield Backup is a remote backup service for workstations. The service manages backup copies of files and folders continuously, automatically and discreetly. In the event of an error, all versions of the files can be recovered quickly and easily.

The disk space options are:

  •  25 GB
  • 50 GB
  • unlimited

Backup copying for computer files

Nexetic Shield Backup makes backup copies of everything on your computer, except for system and program files folders. It also makes backup copies of anything not stored in a cloud. As the version history is unlimited, you can also recover previous file versions.

Backup copying prevents losses

In addition to the computer’s hard drive, data should always be stored in another location as well. After installing Nexetic Shield Backup on your computer, you can trust it to make backup copies in the background. All you need is an Internet connection.

According to the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and other corporations are obligated to recover lost or self-erased files as quickly as possible, if necessary. By using Nexetic Shield Backup, you can fulfil this obligation.