Special areas of knowhow

  • Software Development & Project Management
  • Innovation & Service Design
  • Software Architectures & Integration solutions
  • Leadership & Strategy


Jarkko Ilomäki has nearly 20 years of expertise in various software development related positions. He has worked as a software developer, Head of Software engineering department, Chief Technical Officer, and Business Area Director and COO.

Jarkko has worked especially close with milk recording (ProAgria) and animal breeding, and AI (Faba) and is currently responsible for the ICT solutions for these areas in Finland. Also, he has helped Mtech to build its global operations. This background gives him a unique opportunity to combine the agriculture and technical fields and operate both on high-level strategies and low-level details.

Jarkko has a Master’s degree with distinction in Computer Science, several certifications from Microsoft, and is a Certified Board Member.

Jarkko Ilomäki Chief Operating Officer jarkko.ilomaki@mteh.fi +358 40 722 2276